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Electronic Round-Up: New Yoshino Yoshikawa, Magical Mistakes And StillSound

Some days new sounds just keep on coming through the digital tunnel. Today (and, well, the last few days) has been just that. First off, “ultrapop” producer Yoshino Yoshikawa has a new EP slated to come out on Zoom Lens next week, and The Fader premiered a track from it today. “Yumetatsu Glider” recruits singer Yuzusa to appropriately glide over the laid-back groove, the whole thing a sunny-day soar in no rush to get anywhere at all. Listen below.

Also getting some shine from an outside-of-Japan music site, Osaka’s Magical Mistakes. His latest, “Laid Out,” popped up on XLR8R recently, and its a dreamy one. Highlighted by lovely chiming and splashes of vocals, its a lovely number to get tangled up in. Listen below.

Last, we head down to Okinawa to check in on producer StillSound, who has a new shuffler called “Trace You.” It flows nicely, and the singing matches up well with the shuffling music. Listen below.