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Electronic Round-Up: Pavilion Xool, AVV And House Of Tapes

We spent the weekend at Summer Sonic, and are still catching up on new music. Here are three notable uploads from the last few days.

— Pavilion Xool caught our attention thanks to “I Still Smoke,” a number featuring an appearance by Osaka’s Yunovation. But the Tokyo producer mostly works solo, and “At 2am” highlights his more beat-minded headspace. What elevates it above backdrop-in-waiting is the way Pavilion Xool develops the track, going from smoky vocal-anchored thing to something a bit more complicated, letting the number slowly morph…including spacious passages. Listen above.

— AVV (And Vice Versa) keeps busy, and latest number “Taking You” shows off his more active side. Recent track by the Osaka artist have been a bit headier — a bit cloudier, with fogged-over vocals — but “Taking You” is relatively direct, featuring bass squelches, a rumbling beat and pretty clear samples pushed up front. Listen below.

— Now this is some classic claustrophobic House Of Tapes! The Nagoya producer goes back to the heavy stuff on “Dystopia,” which blah blah blah something about reality blah blah. The key though is this is just a great bit of crushing sound. Listen below.