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Elite Gymnastics Make A Sweet Mix Featuring Sakanaction, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu And 2NE1 Among Others

Minneapolis’ duo Elite Gymnastics have become a very strange authority within the American indie music scene – besides releasing blog-backed music sometimes wearing a chillwave mask, they’ve become the group responsible for introducing Korean pop to the American indie-scape. In interviews they’ve pledged allegiance to all sorts of K-Pop stars and recently member James Brooks penned an article for Pitchfork about the rise of Korean Wave, which coughcough featured a link to something I wrote coughcoughsosorry. Since a lot of the songs they talk about are also tunes I have fallen for, I’m rooting for them to continue getting exposure to spread the good word of Asian pop.

Now, they have a new mix for DIS magazine titled I Want A 38-Minute Truce Which There Is No Rape which, unsurprisingly, goes heavy on the international sounds. In regards to K-Pop, Elite Gymnastics bust out two of the year’s best singles anywhere, 2NE1’s tag-team-like “I Am The Best” and Hyuna’s “Bubble Pop” amongst others. Yet guess what…dudes also like J-Pop! This mix features Sakanaction’s great “Bach No Senritsu Wo Yoru Ni Kiita Sei Desu,” which segues into Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s “Pon Pon Pon.” Now the West can know about that one. Also popping up, Capsule’s “Striker” from this year’s World Of Fantasy and that one Ghibli song Lil’ B sampled as well. Good stuff, listen below.

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