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Emotion Plus: Hamidasystem’s “Yoru No Hakoniwa”

Like a lot of projects in recent memory consisting of young women performing music written by someone else in Japan, Hamidasystem don’t bill themselves as idols even if everything about them is pretty idol-ish. Ultimately, that label is more important for a bunch of other matters — perception by fans and media, mostly — but whatever you want to describe yourself, the music needs to be good. Hamidasystem create “melodic electronica,” though it can get a little more nervy than that description lets on. “Yoru No Hakoniwa” is part of a new series of songs that tell a story…but ehhhhh, let’s see where that idea actually goes. In a bubble, the song is a good slow-rising cut, with the whole “electronica” element being emphasized. The singing is important, but it is wrapped around electric guitar and spaced-out synthesizer which ups the emotional payoff significantly. Listen above.