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Emotional Launch: Kai Shibata’s Escape Sequence

The songs on Tokyo producer Kai Shibata’s Escape Sequence exude a bedroom quality that makes the emotions lurking within all the more forceful. It’s especially true for the pair of songs featuring guest singers. Opener “Unlock” finds Powaramiu bobbing over a herky-jerky set of drum-machine beats and synthesizer, her delivery generating a nice tension alongside the skittery music, generating a feeling not far off from what LLLL does with their vocal-featuring numbers. Nostola manages a similar feeling on the more anthemic blur of “Kurage,” though that one sees the music do most of the heavy lifting. Just to remind of their prowess as a producer, Shibata adds the thump of “On The Bottom Of The Lake” to close out the EP, highlighted by hype-man-esque vocal samples and the set’s most energetic pace. Get it here, or listen below.