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Etsuko Yakushimaru (Soutaiseiriron): “Venus To Jesus”


Despite having the stupidest title any song working as end credit music for a J-Drama could possibly have, Soutaiseiriron lead singer Etsuko Yakushimaru’s latest solo single sounds better than a large chunk of her main gigs latest album. Sure, “Venus To Jesus” sounds more or less like a Soutaiseiriron song (relatively minimal construction allowing for Yakushimaru’s enticing monotone to really stand out) but enough welcome quirks emerge here to make it sound unique. A lot more goes on musically than Yakushimaru is used to, strings and bells (signs of end credit music in Japan) joining her singing. Instead of being an annoyance, though, they add to the bouncy quality of “Venus To Jesus.” The best parts happens right after the chorus, though, when Yakushimarua goes rapid-fire with her lyrics. Like finding a Ring Pop in a bag of white bread, it’s jarring but also a really pleasant surprise that boosts the whole experience. Now, if only she could do something about that title…