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Fancy Flight: And Franny Featuring Powaramiu’s “Spacium Girl”

You can find plenty of Japanese electronic music full of chimes and other cuddlier musical elements, and a lot of it is very good, but something about the wave of “kawaii bass” that leaves me wanting a bit more is in terms of ambition. Very few of these songs push themselves to go further out of there comfort zone, or take listeners on a journey (or at least one longer than a rollercoaster drop). Producer And Franny’s collaboration with Powaramiu, “Spacium Girl,” offers something different. It is a dizzying number, featuring no shortage of bells and sudden tempo twists, but constructed in a way that feels far more surprising than most SoundCloud uploads. It helps a lot that Powaramiu’s singing melds perfectly with the loopy song around it, making for a charming number keeping you on your toes. Listen above.