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Figaro The Kid, A Dude From South Carolina, Remixes HNC Songs

Here’s a human interest story to round out the nightly news…Figaro The Kid operates out of South Carolina, likes cats a lot (see: above picture) and is “just a poor college kid.” So what brings him to our attention, besides the lovely cat in the above picture? Dude has done three remixes of HNC songs, one of the few cases of someone living in the Western world taking tracks from HNC’s Cult…not Love And Hates’ album, which has a remix contest, but an LP from 2009. Over the past few months, he has turned “Moon Song”…which I liked when I reviewed this album back in 2009 which oh man have I been doing this long…into a dancehall jam complete with lines about smoking weed. “Kitten’s Break” becomes mash-up fodder, but his mix of “Figure Shout” kills the original version (which nearly ruined Cult for me) basically by sounding nothing like the original and, as a result, being way better. Listen to that one below, and go here to hear more from him.

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