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Frasco Teams Up With City Your City For “My Summer Your Summer”

This is the sort of collaboration I wouldn’t have imagined making much sense on paper — Frasco dabbles in whatever you want to call the current wave of city funk, while City Your City creates shadowy R&B with a slightly unnerving edge to it. “My Summer Your Summer” works, though, by not trying to find a middle ground between the two groups, but rather affording them each time to do their thing. Frasco — or more accurately, the Frasco sound, with City Your City giving a go at recreating the breezy city strut of that duo’s music — dominates the song, with the bulk of the song finding that project’s lead vocalist strolling over some early-evening beats and gloopy bass. But then right in the middle comes the part more clearly coming from City Your City — a slowly unfolding, skeletal middle part that flips a pleasant bit of midsummer pop into something more dramatic, even if just for a minute. Listen above.