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Friends Posts New Demo “My Beautiful Anna,” Starts New Project Called Teenage Fucks


It’s strangely appropriate that lo-fi beach memory-dabblers Friends promoted new demo “My Beautiful Anna” by placing the song against an old beer ad. This isn’t the typical “chillwave” strategy of nabbing faded footage of the beach or an old copy of Rad and hitting up Movie Maker – scenes of sun-soaked fun from days gone by (or just simply idolized) fits well with Friends’ intentionally blurry songs, Beach Boys’ melodies scratched by time. Also helps that “My Beautiful Anna” could very well soundtrack a 70’s beer ad, if you scraped off the fuzz. Listen above.

Friends’ lead singer Syouta Kaneko also recently started a new “hobby,” recording under the name Teenage Fucks. The explicitly-named project treads the same lo-fi terrain as Friends, yet whereas that now-trio looks longingly back at summer days of years ago, Teenage Fucks just writhes around and wants to knock your glasses off. This has a much more grimy “punk” feeling about it, the vocals/samples used sludged out even more by guitar distortion. Fun stuff, a nice little jab in the ribs. Listen here, or to track “Outside” below.

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