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Go Listen To Some Clips From The New DODDODO Album Now

Not much to go off of, I know, but when an always-on-the-fray musician like DODDODO releases even 40 seconds of new music I’m going to write about those 40 seconds. Jet Set Records recently posted four short clips of tracks from her recently released album , and as expected they sound a little strange. Biggest shocker of all though ends up being the snippet for “ど3” which seemingly finds the sampler-obsessed DODDODO picking up an acoustic guitar and a…flute? recorder?…to compose a sparse little diddy that sounds a bit lonely to these ears. The other three previews touch more on what I personally expected going in – the title track matches a children’s marching beat against a flurry of vocal samples muttering the word “Do” (the translation of the album title and pretty much the entirety of DODDODO’s name save for the spare “D”). The other set of songs sound outwardly like nursery school material but twisted ever so slightly, like how the sometimes off-kilter “夕日” sounds like the “Doraemon” theme dragged through hell. Listen to all of theme here.