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Good Deal, Good Stuff: Broken Little Sister

All hail the Internet age. For every awkward Facebook photo in need of a good de-tagging and pointless Tumblr, some artist finds a way to make the whole online experience totally worth it. Which is to say – they give out their art for free. Yokohama’s Broken Little Sister posted the entirety of their 2010 debut Memories, Violet & Demons on MySpace because they clearly know how people are nowadays. So yeah if ya want some no-cost music click right here.

It helps that said debut also happens to sounds really damn good. Broken Little Sister dabble in all sorts of styles that get music geeks going – shoegaze, ambient, synth-pop – but the finished product could hardly be tied to just one of the touchstones. The songs on their first full-length are slowly unfolding pieces, hazy technicolor swirls of voice, guitar and keyboard. Yet this isn’t straight staring at the sun – BLS also liven up these whirlwinds with electro-beats and other nifty touches. Album highlight “Birthday” uses Nintendo-bloops to buoy the rest of the dreamy number, and other tracks go from a sparse bounce (“Silence”) to My Bloody Valentine guitar overload(“Colour”). It’s an album just waiting to draw you into it’s relaxingly hectic world. Listen here.