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Good Taste: Foodie

Here’s something that hasn’t happened in a while – a band from Osaka sticking out because they don’t sound all that much like everything around them. The recently formed Foodie are not dabbling in the future-obsessed beats coming out of INNIT, nor are they making straight/electro-tinged indie-pop (despite being friends with Post Modern Team and Soleil Soleil). This group, instead, make fidgety rock music indebted to both the pop chops of Chatmonchy, sometimes graced with electronic touches but never defined by them, and always locked in. If you need a contemporary comparison, it would probably be like a nicer (in terms of willingness to shake your hand, rather than quality) version of The Creams. They’ve only existed for a brief time, but they’ve posted three tracks to SoundCloud, which you can hear now. The early highlight is “Red Flash,” a bit of guitar pop that refuses to sit still, twisting and turning with the help of some digital popcorn into the chorus without giving up any of its catchy appeal. “Night Comes” sounds more adventurous, party-time percussion helping to create a funky lock-step rhythm, this vibe accentuated by the guitar playing and other knick-knacks popping in. Though it isn’t all a conga line – later on, the band repeats the line “night will not end,” in a way that’s a little unsettling despite probably being about the sonic party we’ve been at for the past few minutes. Listen to “Red Flash” and “Night Comes” below.