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Goofin’: Digital Clinic 2000’s “April Stretch”

Consider this the sorbet following yesterday’s emotional bloodletting. Digital Clinic 2000 are a bunch of goofballs, and bless ’em for that. “April Stretch” serves as their proper debut, and it is a silly number built around the group delivering echo-soaked spoken word bits over a slinky synth-driven beat. Just check the cheap video coming with it — three dudes, sometimes holding keyboards, dancing in front of a green screen displaying video game footage and various other trippy backgrounds. It’s pretty charming though — so much Japanese “funny” music relies on hyperactivity, dudes with guitars shrieking about desserts or something, that it’s generally a delight to hear Digital Clinic 2000 construct something off-kilter and silly using a simple electronic backing. And that backdrop is pretty catchy too! Here’s how to do weird funny, and to do funny weird. Listen above.