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Happily Ever After: Ryota Mikami’s Wedding

You might not expect a ton of sonic consistency from an electronic album clocking in at around 17 minutes in length. In such a tight space, you’d think got a wow them with a bunch of sounds! Tokyo’s Ryota Mikami opts for a different — and ultimately, more satisfying — path across Wedding’s seven songs. The producer connects these tracks — which range from the harp-accented prayer that is “She Was Singing As If She Were In Love” to the minimalist percussion flex of “Pyre” — by frequently using a synth line that sounds like a choir of cat-like angels singing towards the heavens, alongside dramatic electronic keyboard melodies popping up on nearly every song here. It lends Wedding the feeling of one continuous number rather than a set of songs, which ultimately works in its favor. Get it here, or listen above.