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Haruruinu Love Dog Tenshi Teams Up With Dubb Parade for Room2017

Here’s a pairing we can get behind completely. Haruruinu Love Dog Tenshi and Dubb Parade come together for a slippery three-song release that fits nicely in the prior’s bedroom rap world, but with a little more flair around the edges. Songs such as the opener “Furu” combine wispy electronics with piano melodies to make pleasantly warped tracks that are just right for Haruruinu’s whisper rapping, her voice filtered ever so slightly. Part of this releases charm lies in how the two work so well together, with neither one eclipsing the other. Even the rubbery space-out of finale “Planet Planet” finds a happy middle-ground between the two (though wow, what Haruruinu does with her voice is the clear highlight). Get it here, or listen below.