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Head Down Rush: Dronjo Kept By 4’s Exhibition EP

Like I’ve said before, sometimes simple charms are all you need during your day. Dronjo Kept By 4 have been chugging along since 2007, creating rock hop-scotching between feedback-dipped fare inspired by The Pixies and Dinosaur Jr. to more indie-pop fare (while, still on the fuzzier side). The Exhibition EP isn’t re-inventing anything and maybe I’m just getting a nice shot of nostalgia here (you fool!), but the opening riffs of “Parasol” alone get the ol’ indie feels going…and then they zoom right into a skippy verse featuring male-female vocals coming together for something nice and sweet. The best is saved for finale “Never Let You Down,” a hopper featuring a simple but sticky hook that nails all the simplistic wonder of indie-pop. Get it here, or listen below.