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Hundred Strong: DJ PCDJ’s “Z O W N”

Some projects, you just have to give a little distance and see where they are going. DJ PCDJ is…I’m pretty sure…a juke-leaning project involving CRZKNY and at least one other person, and they have been releasing songs at a pretty constant rate, running from lush meditations to more rumbling fair. “Z O W N” marks the 100th track they’ve done as DJ PCDJ, and finds them in a somber mood, eventually laying down a beat that skitters along but which is surrounded by lonely notes and far-off moans, hinting at something already forgotten. Eventually, it hits a crescendo of sorts, ending on a run of intensity, but even then the ghostly side lingers on. Get it here, or listen below.

For those hoping to get all 100 DJ PCDJ tracks into your life, they are selling them, including in a special bundle that nabs you a limited-edition hoodie. If you got some spare cash, go for it.