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Hyper Reality: Lolica Tonica’s “Make Me Feel”

Lolica Tonica contributed one of the highlights on the latest Fogpak compilation, and they aren’t slowing down. Lolica Tonica have a new EP prepped for Trekkie Trax in September, and that netlabel has gone ahead and shared the title track to it, “Make Me Feel.” This sort of giddy, vocals-sliced-like-onions sound has become pretty common in Japan over the last few years, and a lot of times one’s SoundCloud feed can start sounding a bit like one big swirl of monosyllables played over and over again. “Make Me Feel” avoids this by adding in a lot of energy into the mix — something Trekkie Trax’s best releases tend to have in buckets — making the main rush so damn giddy, the sort of thing you want to get swept up in. It shares a lot with the best Pa’s Lam System songs, a feeling of joyful release. Listen above.