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Indeed: Yu-chi’s Escapism

Niigata’s Yu-chi writes that he’s an “ordinary farmer” on his SoundCloud, and also adds that all of the music he shares (stretching back to 2012) is made simply as his hobby. His latest, Escapism is…well, just that, a collection featuring muted songs, moments of disorienting detail and like uhhhh MIDI-assisted jazz (“Black Cat Swing”). The unpredictable nature of Escapism is charming, even when the songs aren’t hitting (sorry, not feeling the jazzy interlude). Yu-chi’s music is at its best when it leans toward dreamier sounds, or even just more narcotized vibes (“Waltz For The Moon” is a bit of playroom pop that charms thanks to its simplicity and early-evening feel). When it gets lush, like closer “Redemption Day” or “Drizzle,” or even just disjointed (“I Hate You”), it gets good. Get it here, or listen below.