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Instrumental Version Of A New Lullatone Song Featured In Photoshop Ad…Of Course I’m Going To Write About It

A band lending a song to a commercial isn’t particularly worthy of breaking news in 2011. It especially isn’t something you’d lead with when the tune in question is an unheard new song…an instrumental, probably unfinished version at that. I mean, this should be less newsworthy than even those insufferable Pomplamoose Hyundai ads.

Lullatone, though, are sorta different, at least to this blog. I mean…the name of this here WordPress page swipes a title from the sleepy-samba duo. Make Believe Melodies’ really likes these two. So yes…a new Lullatone song recently showed up in a cute little spot for Photoshop. The one catch – the group says it’s just an instrumental version of a new number they are working on. With all that in mind, this new song seems to be right in Lullatone’s wheelhouse. It’s a twinkly, hoppy number built out of toddler-toy sounds and some honey-sweet vocals popping beneath the tune. Lullatone have been slowly edging away from their extremely minimalist beginnings for a while now, and this Photoshop soundtrack sees them embracing childish twee-pop over sine waves. We eagerly await the finished product, but this should tide us over for now.

[vimeo w=400&h=225]

I Have PSD from Hyperakt on Vimeo.