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Into It: Animal Hack’s “Plastic Night”

Electronic unit Animal Hack appeared last year in 2016, but felt like they got a further push over the last few months following the release of this year’s Boy, which got a lot of promotion on streaming services (which, while still very fledgling, feel like they are starting to carve out space…maybe…in the Japanese market). That one is a hit or miss affair, though the highs are stellar, and hints at the pair’s ability to come up with strong music when they let it breathe a bit more. “Plastic Night” is that next step forward. This is their most spacious song yet, opening with acoustic guitar strums interrupted only by some electronic dapples, the song shuffling forward on muffled singing (warped around the edges) and a tropical vibe that is more jj than Kygo. It still has something worthy of being called a drop, but that moment — subdued, smooth, never overwhelming — teases something more rather than consumes all around it. Listen above.