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It Belongs To You: Omoide Label’s Your Sound


Omoide Label has a knack for putting together wonderfully energetic compilations, whether they be focused on juke or otherwise. Their latest various-artists get-together veers towards the latter, though Your Sound sounds a bit more energetic. Budding producer Nyankobrq serves up a squiggly bit of electro-dance that seems descended from the DJ Newtwon school of production (to stick with netlabel history), while a late run finds artists such as Iida and Mameyudofu diving into herky-jerky EDM territory to mixed results (less Avicii, more Skrillex-meets-Unicorn-Kid please, latter is winner around these parts). The pace is always up across Your Sound, but it takes further shapes — from dramatic Jersey club (Iboibo’s “Retro Buddha”) to pitter-pattering electro that could probably be tagged future bass (Yu*dachi’s piano-accented “Chip Cup Cake”). Get it here or listen below.