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Kansai Scene: New Songs From The Neon City, Nite Body And Metome (Sort Of)

Always fun logging on after a weekend away in the countryside and starting to sift through all the new music out there. Three songs (errrr, two songs and a mix…three is the magical number for these things, sorry) jumped out at me, and all come from artists who hail from the Kansai region of Japan. So let’s get into them.

— The Neon City pushes the boundaries of not only this goofy post, but also this blog’s leading philosophy — she is currently based out of New Zealand, which is not Japan. Yet I’m allowing it for now because I think it’s not permanent, and because “Magical Love” is a woozy little electronic number worth attention all the same. Like most of The Neon City’s recent creations, it is a bit on the stripped down side, featuring keyboard notes and vocals that echo off into the distance. Simple, but it creates an inviting and warm environment that makes the dreamy vibe of “Magical Love” all the more charming. Listen above.

— Dance producer Nite Body returns with “Galaxy Visions,” a rubbery house number that is the most fitting of the three entries here to soundtrack your night out. Nite Body excels at this sort of late-night, lose-yourself dance sound, and it’s always a treat when he shares something new. Listen below.

— Lastly, a mix, which is something we normally don’t post…but when Metome does anything, we try to report on it. This mix is a playful, upbeat one, running from outright pop to a mix of dance styles. Besides being a set that never stops skipping along, it offers some nice insight into Metome’s mind at the moment (we can assume). Listen below.