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Kawaii Tooth Ache: Serani Poji’s “Laughing Frog”

Ya know what this here blog has been missing recently? Twee music. Happy, sappy twee music to make the coming Spring that much more sweet. Enter indie-poptastic duo Serani Poji. They make hoppy music begging to be used as the soundtrack to woodland creatures selling insurance. The group plans on releasing a new album at the very start of March (timing!) and have slowly been putting samples of songs from the poorly titled Merry Go-Round Jailhouse onto their MySpace. The latest snippet comes from the especially chipper “Laughing Frog,” a piano heavy number that just seems damn perfect for an April nature walk that ends in a picnic. The song itself ends up being surprisingly kicky, with it’s drum programming and ever-forward chug. But the vocals of “Laughing Frog” add the appropriate drops of wanderlust to the song.

While we’re on the subject of Merry Go-Round Jailhouse, also give a listen to “Dear Heroes,” which boasts some of the most clever use of video game noises and Autotune in the same track sample. Opening with what sounds like the “start” screen of Kirby in Dreamland, Serani Poji quickly transition into an 8-bit bop reminiscent of Strawberry Machine’s less manic compositions.