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Keep It Going Cuter: Nyankobrq’s “Good Day Sunshine”

If we’ve already stumbled across “Kawaii future bass,” might as well look into it a bit more.

Tottori 16-year-old producer Nyankobrq, to their credit, isn’t quite as cuddly as Snail’s House or even someone like Tomggg. Despite a cheery intro and the anime art, “Good Day Sunshine” is far more Jersey Club than Care Bear. It features what is presumably anime voice samples, but sliced up into delirious syllables, a technique artists on Maltine Records (and like, De De Mouse) have been utilizing for quite somet ime. Nyankobrq does it well and doesn’t over indulge either, balancing it out with nice breaks between those moments of pure release (which are also…kinda funny! Which is a great touch). This might have a “kawaii” sheen, but it is a good example of something described with that word definitely being better than it implies. Listen above.