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Kid Fresino And Seiho Team Up Again For “720”

Rapper Kid Fresino and Seiho teamed up last year for the latter’s “Cherry Pie,” a number that found the prior navigating a track that sounded like a swarm of electronic bees. It was an effective pairing — I’ll go as far as to say that, personally, it is the best Kid Fresino has sounded — to the point where it got slightly reworked for last years Ai Qing, where the buzzing cacophony got scaled back a bit and still managed to be (alongside another Seiho-produced number) the highlight of a pretty uneven listen marred by one real big optics mistake (nobody in the room raised their hand? C’mon). Thankfully, Fresino calls on Seiho once again for “720,” a collab with Nike tied to the titular shoe that manages to rise above the sponcon origins. Seiho delivers a gripping beat that goes from gurgling electronics to spacious ambient passages, and Fresino melds right with it, even delivering some good lines about the end of Heisei that match the rising and falling drama of the music. Listen above.