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Kissmenerdygirl Teams With Sleet Mage And Future Otaku For “Lotus”

Kissmenerdygirl has shown flashes of creativity when working with others, usually by bending their usual “future funk” dashes into something a singer can shine over. “Lotus” — or, technically, a bunch of characters my computer can’t display plus the word “Lotus” — is actually quite basic for Kissmenerdygirl. The producer crafts a relatively simple beat, one accented by some guitar notes and bleary-eyed electronics, but that all gives away for a pretty straightforward trap-inspired thump. But again, guests play the key role. Kissmenerdygirl’s beat works wonders with Sleet Mage’s diary vocals — “my heart aches with loneliness” goes one, filtered through Auto-tune that makes you think of what the lead singer of Sekai No Owari would be like if they only listened to Spooky Black — and matches well with the melodic flow of their voice. Mexico City’s Future Otaku (not sure on that name…) also features, though where they start and Kissmenerdygirl end, I don’t know. But however they do it, they’ve made something that works well with the featured guests voice. Listen above.