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Kitty Kitty Bang Bang: Itchy & Scratchy’s Bad Sons Of The Rave EP

As Tokyo-based label Trekkie Trax celebrates its five-year anniversary of existence, they are going back in time and honoring their upbringing. “I grew up with those guys from this duo’s DJ performances at the local venues in Tokyo,” label co-founder Seimei tweeted around the time Itchy & Scratchy’s Bad Songs Of The Rave EP, a euphoric set toeing the line between melodic release and something harsher. Listening to the three songs the duo contribute, it’s easy to hear how this eventually shaped Trekkie Trax — opener “Inna Di Place” matches a garage-type beat up against bright synth plops and, eventually, piano. Better still is “UFO,” which adds sharper bass to the otherwise cathartic release. Fittingly, two remixes put on the end come from Trekkie Trax artists who feel especially tied to this type of blend — Masayoshi Iimori (who put out a solid EP on Fool’s Gold definitely worth your time…one of those “I was gonna write about this but got busy” casualties!) who adds a little muscle to “Inna Di Place,” and Carpainter, putting his spin on “UFO.” It’s a nice nod to the past that helped shape the present. Get it here, or listen below.