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Kosmo Kat, Miii, Gigandect And More Remix Meishi Smile’s “Star”

California’s Meishi Smile – Maltine artist and one of the co-founders of Zoom Lens, which has released music from the likes of i-fls, Yoshino Yoshikawa and other Japanese artists – recently released a new single called “Star,” the original version of which you can hear here and which can be downloaded here. It’s great, but to stick to this blog’s theme, let’s focus on a handful of remixes accompanying the original, all from Japan-based artists. The first, which you can hear above, comes from Kosmo Kat, who makes the vocals a bit less jagged in his remix, though they still come across like broken radio transmissions. Despite a sparser beginning, Kat’s take grows in intensity. Listen to that one above.

Other contributions include the slow-building-but-ultimately-massive remix from the typically Massive Miii…though he works in some lovely piano touches to balance out the rumbling moments…while Gigandect offers up a bouncy 8-bit version. Of them all, though, the showstopper might be Hercelot’s take, which morphs the song into a cotton-candy tumble…there are silly sound effects!…that manages to create a sweetness all its own (mainly via a nice vocal sample midway through). Get the whole collection here.