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Lily Of The Valley Have New Album, Video For “Hikari Merry-Go-Round”

Maybe I’m just drained from news coverage and Tweets screaming something about the end of the world, but to my ears “Hikari Merry-Go-Round” sounds like pure escape from reality. Lily Of The Valley deliver on the song title, as “Hikari” doesn’t really move from any point A to B as much as simply rotate around its own lovely dreamscape. The lovely vocals sounds slightly obscured by the shiny clings and chimes, adding to this dreamy feel. This is the sound of artists carving out a safe space they can hide away in when they need it most. Though “Hikari” reaches a bit of a climax near the end (“climax” here meaning “sorta louder”) it never breaks from lovely rotation. Just over five minutes of drifting.


“Hikari” comes off of the duo’s new album Aquatree out this Wednesday. Sample a few other tunes here. The album doesn’t veer off course of what “Hikari” does i.e. lite-shoegaze with more emphasis on the dreamy parts of that sound. Though “アネモネ” a little punchier.

(Thanks to SparkPlugged for posting “Hikari”)