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Listen To Gagakiriseye, The Collaboration Between EYE And Gagakirise


This two-song collaboration, between EYE of Boredoms and manic noise duo Gagakirise, came out in August via Thrill Jockey, but (I’m pretty sure) for the first time you can hear Gagakiriseye in its entirety on Bandcamp. The news hook here (errrr, when it came out) is that this is the first time EYE has appeared on a new recording in quite some time. Though he hasn’t been particularly hard to find — Boredoms have organized various events, including a drum circle a couple years ago featuring one half of Tokyo’s Gagakirise. All involved parties are good fits for one another — Gagakirise don’t change much of their sound to fit the shambling EYE, but, on “The Flash,” simply play at the same breakneck speed they always have and let EYE caterwaul over it. And like both artist’s bodies of work, it is very beautiful chaos. Listen below, or get it here.