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Listen To The New Sakanaction Single “Boku To Hana”

Sakanaction, fresh from a 2011 where they released one of the best songs and one of the best albums, return in 2012 with a new single called “Boku To Hana,” which you can now hear online (and watch the video). Go here to give it a whirl. Admittedly, the audio quality found at that link is far from pristine…unless Sakanaction recorded this in a submarine…so I’m holding off any sort of real judgement until a better-sounding version surfaces. That said, this isn’t any major departure from what Sakanaction were doing last year – “Boku To Hana” sounds like a slightly less schizo “Bach No Senritsu Wo Yoru Ni Kiita Sei Desu,” electronics worming out along the edges while the vocals shoot for pure drama. This one also makes time to work in passages focused on moving the hips, but plays to Sakanaction’s strength of being unafraid to jump from those parts to something more surging with emotion. Also, kinda sounds like a nursery rhyme to me at parts. Check it out, and wait for a better sounding version too!