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Live Wire: Group2’s “Y.M.C.K.”

One of my stronger memories of the past year was seeing Group2 play a show at Ebisu’s Batica venue, and just completely stealing the show. The four-piece band delivered a frantic, unpredictable and above-all-else fun show, one that made me completely forget whatever came after (sorry whoever came after). That group will release their first mini-album Like A next week, and have shared the rollicking “Y.M.C.K.” as a taste of what to expect. It’s a shambling number, avoiding the chilled-out faux-Mac-DeMarco vibe a lot of so-so bands (and a few good ones) have latched on to in 2016 in favor of something more gleefully messy, highlighted by vocals that careen all over the place and guitar playing that introduces a slightly psychedelic feeling, but doesn’t get lost in the haze. No doubt it sounds even better live. Listen above.