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Lives Up To The Name: Yogen Hayama’s Simplicity

Information on Yogen Hayama is scarce, but Simplicity offers up maybe everything one needs to know about the artist. It is, indeed, simple — five songs featuring nearly zero words, constructed from guitar and electronics. This sparse arsenal forces Hayama to get the most out of everything, and the songs on Simplicity deliver straightforward energy. “Midnight Lover” towers above it, and is the one song you should take from the release if the rest doesn’t hit. It’s a fluttering electronic number that slowly mutates over its run, but never slows down. From a small amount of sounds, Hayama generates an energetic and ennui-dazzled number. The rest of Simplicity goes off in other directions — “Fluctus” approaches the prettiness of “Midnight Lover” by offering an interpretation of ’80s Japanese pop sounds, ya know the trendy ones, while opener “Beat Junk” uses devil-fied vocals as a gateway in to a quick-paced number. But it’s a good reminder of what doing a lot from a little looks like. Get it here, or listen below.