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Lofty Thoughts: Have A Nice Day!’s “F/A/C/E”

We all let our assumptions ruin us sometimes. My image of the band Have A Nice Day! revolves around that I swear they play most of their shows at Shinjuku Loft, a nice enough venue but one I mostly associate with “alternative” idols and rock bands who know how to put on a nutty live show…but whose music should probably only exist within that basement area. Of course, I had to be wrong. Although the footage over it captures the same frantic scene in my head, the music of their “Blood On The Mosh Pit” a longing electro-pop number featuring ample Beyonce samples. It’s pretty clever, and sweet! So, ahead of the outfit releasing a greatest hits package and a new album in May, let’s not sleep on “F/A/C/E,” their latest number. Again, nothing frantic about this — it’s a woozy little number featuring ripples and softly sung vocals, with the word “image” repeated a lot. I’m all for energy, but I like that Have A Nice Day! are also capable of such melancholy stuff too. Listen above.