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Love You Forever: Hminh

According to MySpace, Hminh’s influences: “Beat Happening, The Magnetic Fields, Minor Threat.”

Now, I can hear a little Stephen Merritt in this duo’s indie-pop, and I wouldn’t be shocked if they subscribed to the same DIY philosophies of Minor Threat. But when it comes to Hminh’s actual sound, only the first band listed comes through. The track “S” even snatches the same structure of “Indian Summer” and just mixes things up ever so slightly. Not a big deal, though, since that might very well be the best indie-pop song ever and Hminh pull off the whole twee thing very well. “S” is pleasant enough, but the real pop champion would be the dreamy stroll of “I.” It’s a classic skippy indie-pop song easily described as “sunny,” though it always feel likes clouds are waiting just out of the scene. Listen here.