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Lullatone Being Lullatone: Release Album Online Called Loopable Lullabies Which Is Just That, Also Another Album In The Works!

Thanks to my computer woes I missed this but…dreamy duo Lullatone posted a new album of sorts online to celebrate their niece being born. Loopable Lullabies delivers on the title perfectly, offering up 10 classic children songs transformed into lullabies that are easily looped using iTunes. This makes Loopable Lullabies a great sequel to Songs That Spin In Circles which served a similar purpose. Basically, this is Lullatone’s album of covers that influenced them, except instead of The Beatles they tackle “Row Row Row Your Boat.” Oh and I’m sure it will help little kids get some shut eye. An initial listen through the album reveals all the trademarks of Lullatone to be present – dreamlike state, peaceful music, great sound engineering (these song feature “womb sounds” and “white noise” to make them extra sleep-inducing!). If you need some shut eye, or just love Lullatone, head over here to listen online.

In other news from the duo who inspired this blog’s name…they are also recording a new pop album, according to a recent Tweet. They’ve posted a demo for a song called “My Portable Melody,” which is like Lullatone making bouncy music for some sort of 50s-car-hop themed daycare center. Dig those hand claps and the part of the song where they introduce all the instruments…so great. Listen below.

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