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Make Believe Melodies Is Going On Summer Vacation!

Time for a holiday ya’ll! This blog will be taking a two-week vacation starting now. A few noteworthy posts might manage to sneak up during those 14 days, but expect a heavy drop in posting. Besides, why are you reading the Internet? Go outside, drink a Bud Light Lime and, I don’t know, grill something.

I’ll still be doing plenty of research while on vacation though. Come the middle of August, expect a write-up on Summer Sonic and maybe even a trip report from Tokyo. You can also count on reviews of some of the biggest new releases…√thumm, Hotel Mexico, Your Gold, My Pink and the new singles from Perfume. I might even catch up and finally talk about new albums from Texas Pandaa, Asian Kung-Fu Generation and Buffalo Daughter. Geez I’ve fallen behind.

While I’m away, here are a few Japanese artists I’ve been enjoying lately. Enjoy them too!

Crystal: Kinda goofy but really catchy 80’s-inspired electronic music. This is what nostalgia sounded like before chillwave. Listen here.

Networks: Trippy electro-assisted music right on the chill border. “A” is one of the most hypnotic things I’ve heard all year. This way.

Hate No Hate: Lo-fi psych peppered with odd touches (a reggae number?). Because no summer would be complete without some haziness. Check ’em out.

Pepe California: The one group I wish I could have found the time to right an entire post about. If you miss the Baeleric sounds of 2008 as much as I do, this band’s sun-drenched beach compositions will make you very happy. Enjoy.

The Milkies: About as cuddly as garage rock can get. Skip this way.

(Oh, if you aren’t already, make sure to read Neaux everyday, he’ll keep ya covered.)

Bonjour: Little twee sketches. Hoppity hop.

– Oh and Anisakis have a new song. Sprint here.

Enjoy summer, and don’t forget sunscreen that stuff is vital.