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Making Me Feel: nikoi0227’s Feel My Emotions

At its best, “future bass” functions as this overwhelming force of sound that feels like a big burst of joy. The latest from Omoide Label — currently on a heck of a hot streak for the netlabel — comes from producer nikoi0227, who nails that release on the aptly titled Feel My Emotions. Part of it comes by nikoi0227’s decision to just load these songs up with sounds, apparent right away from the opening title track, which crams in bright synth melodies, pounding bass, piano plonks and bed springs. Yet all these details make for a dizzying rush of joy. Even better is “Stay With Me,” which adds to the maximalism with a disorientingly fun start-stop synth melody, that builds to a rap-sample segment dropping into something more aggressive. The feeling of always being taken off your feet is half the fun of this one. Get it here, or listen below.