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Maltine Teams Up With Amagawa Uchu For New Songs, Browser-Destroying Site

1. Overall, I love what Maltine Records has been doing/continues to does, but the only thing that makes me bite my lip is these special sites they make for big releases, such as this collaboration with Amagawa Uchu. Mainly because it destroys my computer every time…a large part of that is, despite being a (*air sucking sound*) Millenial, I stink with computers beyond opening new tabs. So yeah…having to restart my browser all the time can be rough!

2. But thank goodness for the music, which more than makes up for any technical agony. Amagawa’s release with Maltine doubles as a highlight reel of the netlabel’s best contributors…one original track is produced by Parkgolf, the other by “ultrapop” lord Yoshino Yoshikawa (uhhh more on him later today). And the songs get remixed by manic chiptune artist Gigandect and Tokyo’s shadowy LLLL. Listen to them above…or go here and tell me how to make my computer better.