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Maltine Wave: Two New Releases From Faeru And Lovely Summer Chan/Yoshino Yoshikawa

Maltine keeps on keeping on…the physical version of their partnering up with Tokyo Girls’ Style comes out soon, and in early May they’ll have a big ‘ol live event at Tokyo’s Liquidroom. Oh, and the free music keeps on coming, with two new releases out this week. The first comes from trap maker Faeru, in the form of his hard-hitting Altered State Of Consciousness. It’s Maltine’s first full dive into the trap side of things, though what makes this work are the moments where Faeru takes things to a more relaxed place. Like the Clams-Casino-ish romper “In The Falling Dark,” which adds a touch of mystery to the style and works better than the outright throbbers. Get it here, or listen below.

Even better is a two-song set from Lovely Summer Chan and Yoshino Yoshikawa, called Hajimemashite. It is a straight-ahead pop set, Yoshikawa providing the fizzy production and Lovely Summer Chan singing. It is wonderfully sunny, but not in an overwhelming way. The title track is almost deceptively straightforward – despite a standard pop-vocal structure, the music skitters and chimes, a subtle but twisty backing that makes Lovely Summer Chan just sorta talking to herself sound great. “Moonlight” goes a more dancey route, twinkling and pretty. Get it here, or listen to “Moonlight” below.