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Maybe I’m Just Slow, But Looks Like Twinkle Twinkles Have Some New Songs!

My mind isn’t nearly as sharp as it once was but I swear last I checked Twinkle Twinkles online presence they only featured three songs, not the current six. So unless I pushed out the memory of what songs appeared in the group’s MySpace-provided music player to make room for my weekly grocery list, these additions are new to me. The trio of new tracks keep in line with the Twinkles garage-rock image, sounding both frantically fuzzy and as if they were recorded inside an abandoned U-Haul. “Cinderella,” in particular, comes off like it was recorded from the next room over. A little more loud is the driving “Sukissukissu,” where hints of nursery-rhyme delivery appear in the chorus but quickly get battered down by the band’s guitars. Best of all though is “Strawberry Heavenly,” which explores similar girl-group territory as The Suzan but without that Fool’s Gold money behind it. Listen here.