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Metoronori, Ryuho Kotoge, Hinako Takada And More Contribute To Collective Noun’s Flower


Collective Noun’s new compilation Flower highlights a set of artists making music from the corners. The songs featured here are rarely showy, opting instead for sparseness and a sense of unease, conveyed through warped electronic sounds and samples. It leads off with one of the finest doing this parallel-world pop, Metoronori, who provides a woozy number that hops along on fuzzy notes and her whispered singing. Abelest gets more outright unnerving with a song that turns Dragonball samples into something menacing…and which features mumbled raps. Hinako Takada warps R&B into a hazy lullaby on “Soothe,” while Ryuho Kotoge constructs a steely, threatening beat on “Coldpinkcity.” For fans of more minimal sounds cast in shadows, definitely worth a listen. Get it here, or listen below.