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Music Is My: HOT HOT SEX

The poorly named outfit HOT HOT SEX combines indie-rock staples with dance elements. Great opening sentence for an essay, right? Unfortunately, this isn’t 1985, so this statement needs to be explained a bit. They don’t do dancepunk, and you couldn’t label much of HOT HOT SEX’s music as “nu-rave” (though “655321” comes close). It’s really just borderline garage rock with some cool electronic effects thrown in. “Demon Is Here” plays out like a typical indie rock song, but with some big rave synths (possibly nicked from the “Numa Numa Song”) thrown in. Standout track “Manhattan Chips” finds the dancefloor flourishes tucked away into the far corners of the song, allowing the band to pump out a driving guitar jam. It sounds like whatever sub-sub-genre The Soft Pack got corralled into. So…not dancepunk, not nu-rave. Just solid indie rock with a few ideas reaped from the Chemical Brothers thrown in. Listen here.