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NC4K Shares Their First Compilation, Featuring Paperkraft, Stones Taro And More

Kyoto label NC4K is nearing their one year anniversary of existence, and just in time comes their first compilation. It gathers most of the producers in Japan who have put out music via NC4K over the past year, kicking off with the airy skip of Stones Taro’s “Fall Out” before switching to a number by Paperkraft that loads up on the vibraphone notes to create a chipper tune. Pee. J Anderson serves up a highlight with the disorienting rush of “Blondes,” a house number that nails one of NC4K’s best qualities across releases — the feel that this is all one huge motion blur. That also creeps into Jank’s “Make Me Feel” and Sumorai’s wonkier across the board “Soul Circuit.” Yet it is these moments that really underline how special this label is becoming. Get it here, or listen below.