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Needs More…Tentacles? MUIMUITIKITI

“The world is a HENTAI” MUIMUITIKITI declares on their MySpace. I don’t know what to make of that declaration, and I’m not positive what to make of the music contained on the site either. The primary goal of this blog was to explore as many corners of the Japanese soundscene as possible…and MUIMUITIKITI definitely an interesting discovery. The person/band behind these drug hazed (emphasis here, because I haven’t heard anything this under the influence yet from this country) collages seem more intent on weirding listeners out then developing anything resembling rhythm or melody. Newest song “La Masique Qui Idiot” constructs a freaked-out landscape where tons of items are flying by you but your moving at half-speed. It’s either a mind-bending sonic experiment or total clatter, your personal call. “GURUGURU” isn’t so passive, bugging out (loudly) at the get-go and proceeding to make absolutely no sense.

“FUNIKURIFUNIKARA” though presents a track slightly more focused, and very captivating. It’s technically a dance track…a steady beat creeps underneath how many layers of strangeness MUIMUITIKITI can conjure. The artist samples various dance tracks alongside what sounds like lasers and Joe Meek guitar lines. It’s still all over the place, but also moving. MUIMUITIKITI sounds like the particularly avant garder/drugged out side of Black Dice, or maybe even more so like the loopy Lucky Dragons. Except a bit more disorganized. And loud. So…I’m just putting this one out there. I’ll let you decide what you think about one of Japan’s stranger musicians…but at least now you’re thinking about it.