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Neon Bright: PellyColo’s Temptation EP

Paying tribute or homage/just flat out biting the ’80s isn’t easy. The trademarks of that decade’s synth-driven pop – think gooey electronics, a lot of talkbox – can turn cheesy in the wrong hands, and there are some notable Japanese groups who shall not be named…jk, it’s Orland…whose music simply coasts on these elements without carving out actually good songs from it. PellyColo go down a similar path on the Temptation EP except they bring a pop mindset that soars above “remember day-glo???” boredom.

It helps that PellyColo have been putting in solid work for sometime, highlighted by a breezy remix featured on vaporwave-ish idol outfit Especia’s Gusto this year, one of that CD’s finest moments. Temptation switches from easy-going neon slink…see “Make You Happy,” a song highlighting how talkbox can sound damn sexy, possibly the smoothest indie-ish song in Japan since The Brixton Academy’s “Two Shadows United”…to the popcorn-bounce of “Miracle Circle.” They sometimes go a bit heavy on the vocal affects – the otherwise fine title track could do with a little less of the talkbox – but then they follow it up with the slow-burning wonder of “Gemini.” Here’s how to indulge in the past without being a walking schtick. Get it here or listen below.