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New 99 Letters: “Night Walker”

Though this line gets rolled out anytime I write about Osaka’s 99 Letters, it’s still a vital disclaimer – this is not simple novelty, nor is it the sound of some kid desperately clinging to his youth by rocking out to the Kirby’s Pinball soundtrack in his room. Nope, this is someone taking a particular set of sounds (in this case, 8-bit audio) and transforming it into something that moves, music that’s meant to jog more than just memories of your first NES. Many of 99 Letters previous songs turned these noises into ragers, banging and bleating bashes to the skull reminiscent of Crystal Castles more fist-forward moments, good music concerned primarily with the physical. Lately, though, 99 Letters has been growing more complex – see the recent shimmering beauty of “Dexters Laboratory,” which this blog missed but warrants repeated listens. “Night Walker” builds on this by being a constantly morphing number, one still capable of moving bodies but now more thought out, showcasing more craftsmanship from the young producer. It’s a good step for him, and a great track. Listen below.