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New 99 Letters: “Reminder” And “9n9i9n9e”

99 Letters seems like a really busy guy – dude releases new tracks at a pretty fast pace, and MySpace indicates he plays a lot of shows including some upcoming ones in England this summer. So for him to have time to pump out “Reminder” and “9n9i9n9e” AND make them slight departures from his usual manic 8-bit chaos seems a bit crazy to me. Sit back and enjoy the summer man! These two tracks toe moodier territory, 99 Letters toning down the video game noises a tad and letting some other sounds come to the forefront. “Reminder” puts M83-worthy synths and keyboards as the central feature until about midway through where things get slightly more chaotic. It’s the most nostalgia-inducing piece 99 Letters has made to date. “9n9i9n9e” is a bit more sinister, relying on black hole bass to push the track forward. Things lighten up a bit with the introduction of a bright keyboard line, but that bass lurks ever present underneath it all. Listen to the two tracks here.